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Clean Fridge, Fresh Food through Activated Oxygen

Berry_Breeze.pngBerryBreeze is a newly patented technology that uses activated oxygen (O3) to sanitize your refrigerator and the food you keep in it. It kills bacteria, mold, fungus and yeasts. BerryBreeze also eliminates ethylene gas, which is produced by many fruits and vegetables and triggers ripening and decay. Your food ends up staying fresh two to three times longer.

How does BerryBreeze work?

Activated oxygen (O3) both protects the upper atmosphere from radiation and purifies and sanitizes the air in our lower atmosphere. It consists of three oxygen atoms and is created either when ultraviolet light or electricity break down the oxygen molecule into two single oxygen atoms, each of which quickly attaches to two more oxygen atoms (O2). It is an unstable gas whose half-life is approximately 30 minutes. While stable, the third oxygen molecule fights to break free, destroying polluting organic molecules by “oxidizing” them. The third oxygen atom attaches, eliminating pollutants, effectively disinfecting and deodorizing.

BerryBreeze uses a timing mechanism to release O3 into your fridge. There is an initial stage where an effective level of O3 is established, followed by timed stages intended to keep that level consistent and safe.

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We have taken great efforts in our development to ensure that our device is small enough to go unnoticed within your refrigerator yet powerful enough to be extremely effective in the neutralization of harmful molds, bacteria, and the elimination of odors.

BerryBreeze™ is the only product on the market to use a superior patented technology that produces activated oxygen. Activated oxygen is nature’s way of cleaning the air and removing toxins and pollution from the environment, and we use it because it neutralizes ethylene gas while fighting germs, mildew, refrigerator mold and other harmful microbes in your fridge. Unlike other products, the technology behind the BerryBreeze™ Fridge Freshener has been thoroughly researched and tested, and that makes it a proven way to keep food fresh, safe and delicious for much longer than you can with refrigeration alone.

Best of all,, we do it all without the need for absorption packs or disposable filters, so you won’t have to put any time, energy or extra money into maintaining your BerryBreeze™.

The science is complex, but the concept is simple. The BerryBreeze™ Fridge Freshener sanitizes the air in your refrigerator through the use of activated oxygen, a powerful natural oxidizing agent that reacts with surface molecules on bacteria and mold. It also neutralizes ethylene, a gas which speeds up the ripening and rotting of foods. The result is a clean environment that preserves the nutritional value of your fruits, vegetables and other foods while postponing spoilage and decay. BerryBreeze™ allows you to waste less food, and when you prevent food waste, you’ll send far less garbage to the landfill over the course of a year.

You won’t have to worry about outlets and extension cords when you use the BerryBreeze™ Fridge Freshener. All the unit requires is a fresh set of batteries, and since the power drain is so low, those batteries will last for a long time before they need to be replaced. We are supporters of environmental stewardship, after all, and being energy efficient is a big part of that. There are also no filters or absorption packs to clean or replace, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your BerryBreeze™. It does all the work for you.

You’ll even save fuel, because you’ll make fewer trips to the grocery store, and you’ll indirectly help stores do the same. After all, when people waste less food, stores don’t need to restock quite so often.

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