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Help Save The Planet

At BerryBreeze™ we recognize our obligation to taking care of the precious land, water, and living things that make up our environment. Food waste is a worldwide epidemic. It is also a large contributor to methane emissions globally.

We all have a stewardship to the land and we need to stop wasting our valuable resources and polluting the planet. BerryBreeze™ reduces your carbon footprint for a greener planet by

a) helping food last longer so we waste less
b) reducing plastic containers, bags, and wraps

BerryBreeze.jpgModel-based climate change detection/attribution studies have linked increasing tropical Atlantic SSTs to increasing greenhouse gases. If the correlation between tropical Atlantic SSTs and hurricane activity shown in Figure 1 is used to infer future changes in Atlantic hurricane activity, the implications are sobering: the large increases in tropical Atlantic SSTs projected for the late 21st century would imply very substantial increases in hurricane destructive potential–roughly a 300% increase in the PDI by 2100

(SST = sea surface temperatures)

Did you know how badly landfills containing wasted food harm the environment?

Lifestyle has a great effect on waste generation, but just as important are the local rules governing waste and what can be recycled. In San Francisco, for instance, residents are required to separate their food waste for compost pickup rather than put it into trash destined for landfill. In most other municipalities, food waste goes to a landfill dump. Almost all of our families learned that they could shrink their waste footprint considerably if they wasted less prepared food. This was the single most dynamic change they could make to have an immediate impact on their household waste.

According to the EPA, more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in municipal solid waste. One of the biggest improvements that municipalities can make is to divert food waste to facilities that produce compost, which is beneficial to agriculture and better for the environment, rather than to landfill dumps where it rots and produces methane.

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